Representation of both institutional and private landlords requires an in-depth understanding of all the landlords’ expectations, their asset or portfolio, and the ability to recognise the potential of an asset so as to capitalise upon it. ReAIM has developed a unique expertise in analysing real-estate assets in the different markets within which it operates. We know how to define a property, its position and price, the appropriate communication tools, a working team, an action plan and references.

ReAIM attach particular importance on carrying out a comprehensive analysis of an asset and defining the optimal marketing strategy with user scenarios, changes in use and advice regarding development standards. Our payment models are based on our activity and achieved performance.

Diagnostic of business performance. This service developed exclusively by ReAIM aims to complement the property management and facility management activities as well as owners through an analysis of the current state of each building and its potential.

ReAIM helps owners in their search, negotiations and monitoring of different trades in order to design and devise the best commercial solution which takes account of the building’s technical issues. Based upon validated plans and budgets, ReAIM then works to find a candidate for the rental in accordance with the defined conditions.