A person who does not know the history of the last 3,000 years wanders in the darkness of ignorance, unable to make sense of the reality around him

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




ReAIM, an English acronym, describes the heart of our real estate asset management profession, and also translates our work philosophy which consists in continuously questioning our success in meeting both our own and our clients’ goals.

We are currently seeing a change of paradigm which we wish to become actors in.

Furthermore, we take into account all political, economic, social, technological, ecological and legal issues on local, national and international levels to determine an adapted plan of action.


ReAIM was born from the desire to create a firm which provides a high-standard of advice in the real estate sector and which promotes trust in our profession through the respect and accountability.


Our performance can be measured by the commitment we have taken that we will only accept a mandate if we are capable of allocating the necessary resources to ensure success on all levels.


ReAIM was created and is managed by Cédric Murillo-Buscarini. The Board of Directors is comprised of different professionals active in various sectors.


We commit on a daily basis to adopt a responsible attitude in terms of travelling in favouring soft mobility, by bicycle, on public transport and on foot!

Furthermore, we are committed to reinvest 1% of our annual turnover into charity and humanitarian organisations who commit to help the public every day.


At ReAIM, we are always looking for new talent and people who are motivated to improve our profession and mandates. If you are ready to take on the challenge, send us your CV to prepare for the next round of interviews.

Founder&CEO of ReAIM SA.

Cédric holds a Master’s degree in business and Administration, Major in Finance, from Insignis businness school, Groupe Inseec, received in 2005, after a one year international exchange program in commercial negotiation and information system of marketing at Sao Paulo University in Brasil.

Cédric speaks fluently french, english, portuguese from Brasil, and spanish.

He starts his carrer in 2005 at Scottish&Newcastle Switzerland SA as responsible of an on-trade and off-trade portfolio clients in Geneva. After three years developping successfully the portfolio with new clients and increasing sales volume, he focussed on commercial real estate transactions for coffees, bars, restaurants in Geneva city center. Then, Cedric worked for a leading real estate actor in Geneva in residential sales and opened in Geneva in 2010 a new branch of a leading real estate company from Zurich, where he worked as head of corporate services, investments and as member of the management.

In 2013, Cédric Murillo-Buscarini decided to offer his services as real estate asset&investment manager, focussing on clients needs grace to an active listening, an ability to structure and coordinate priorities in order to deliver the highest real estate services.

He is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors since 2013 and obeys to strict rules of professionalism, ethics and continuing professional development.

Expert training consultant in interest-based negotiation, public speaking and influencing strategy, working in both the private and public sphere.

With a well-honed pragmatic approach, Gian Carlo intervenes in training/coaching and advising those who want to increase their positive impact in negotiations, public speaking and influencing strategy in private companies, the public sector but also during conferences in conventions, seminars, etc.

Gian Carlo has experience in international negotiation with over 20 years spent in business and marketing functions but also in representing industry interests in the pharmaceutical industry within a European “business unit” which has allowed him to develop an acute understanding of complex challenges.

Furthermore, his knowledge of the state but also European institutions, have allowed him to negotiate over years using interest-based negotiation techniques and with strategies providing mutual benefits.

Finally, co-developer with the Army Health Service, of days on chemical, nuclear and radiological risks, Gian Carlo has also been able to carry out over 50 large audience communication operations with audiences from the private sector and institutional decision-makers.

Qualifications: Master 2 in Public Policy Management “SciencesPo Paris”, Graduate of EFGC “EMD” Business School.